Luzernerstrasse 31 | CH-5643 Sins
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The Hotel Arcade has opted for an environmentally sound heating system. A geothermal heat pump is in use as the main heat source.  Eleven in-ground heat exchangers, each 220 metres deep, cover a total length of 2,420 metres achieving an output of 72 kilowatts. The whole building can be heated in this way. Only the peak heat demand has to be met with gas heating. That means that the entire hot water requirement is provided at about 43°C with the heat pump while the remaining 10°C is supplemented by the gas boiler. All of the hotel’s hot water is heated in two 1,000-litre tanks with the help of geothermal heat obtained from the earth. The heating costs are thus reduced to a minimum with these energy-saving measures.


Pleasant, clean air is provided in the hotel rooms as all are equipped with a comfort ventilation system. With this heat recovery system, 90% of the ventilation heat loss is recovered. Fresh outside air is drawn into the rooms and extracted in the bathroom. The windows can thus remain closed.


Our hotel rooms are cooled in the summer via the geothermal climate control system using the heat exchanger tubes. The groundwater, naturally cooled to 16°, is conducted to the underfloor heating system and cools the floor of the hotel rooms.


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